Talking About The Weather

It’s a cliche, sure, but you know how cliches get to be cliches…I’m talking about the weather. In fact I’m talking about talking about the weather. Two people who don’t know each other well stand in front of each other, one makes a comment on how sunny/rainy/cold/wet/dry it’s been and they’re off.

There’s more to it than meets the eye

For something that you don’t usuallly think very much about, it’s incredible in fact how many things you can suddenly think of to say when you’re talking about the weather. A lot of people talk this down, ie ridicule the whole talking-about-the-weather thing, but I say no! I say, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Talking about the weather is simply a code.

My theory, you see, is that talking about the weather is simply a code. When you stand with someone and chat about how much rain we’ve seen, if spring is finally going to arrive or if it’s going to be as warm a summer as we’ve been hoping (or dreading, depending on where you live), what we’re actually saying is something else altogether.

We share similar values

We’re stating that we are friendly, that we mean no harm, that we share similar values, that we are pleasant people, that the other person can spend a few minutes with us without us being annoying or boring or obsessed about a particular subject, and that we know the rules of communication.

Just engage in the accepted ritual dance

So in this sense don’t be afraid to comment on the weather, it’s a great, easy conversation opener and everyone knows that you have other, more interesting things to say. Just engage in the accepted ritual dance of opening a line of communication, get talking about the weather and be happy.

Below are a few easy one-liners, remarks and comments about the weather that’ll help you out – whether you want to open a conversation or whether you want to fill an awkward silence. Talking about the weather works!

Easy openers
Beautiful day, don’t you think?
Nice weather today, isn’t it?
Can you believe this weather?
Finally the sun’s come out, do you know if it’s going to stay for the weekend?
Can you believe this rain we’ve been having?
I hate to say it but it looks like snow…
Have you seen the weather report for tomorrow?
I think this must be the hottest summer on record, don’t you think?
What’s it like out?
How’s the weather?

When you’re on the phone
Is it raining where you are?
How’s your weather?
It’s pouring down here, is it raining there too?
What’s the temperature there?

It’s going to rain by the looks of it.
We’re in for frost tonight.

I hear showers are coming our way.
It’s a bit nippy today, isn’t it?
What strange weather we’re having!”
It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop raining today.
Those clouds look ominous…
Do you think the rain’ll hold off? (that it won’t rain)

And then you say…
(To comments about it raining)
Never mind – it’s good for the garden.
I think it’ll clear up later.
At least the weekend is meant to be sunny.

(To comments about it being sunny or hot)
I had no idea it was going to be so hot today.
Looks like their forecast was off again…
I’m boiling! But you look like you’re dressed for it.

…of course there’s a thousand ways to comment on the weather, and especially if you’re in the UK you’ll probably hear them all – if there’s one thing British people like to talk about it’s the weather…But these should get you started. Like I say, it’s always good to have a few stock phrases about the weather to trot out when nothing else occurs. You’ll be surprised how effective it is, either as a conversation opener or an awkward-silence-filler.

Article by Noel Zmija-Maurice

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