Making Brandenburg an international business location!

This week we focus on what seems to be more and more of an issue for companies in Brandenburg – the fact that the older generation of managers is moving slowly into retirement while the younger generation that should be taking their place have picked up sticks and moved out to greener pastures.

an area with tremendous resources and huge potential

This comes as well at the very moment when Brandenburg is doing its best to turn its economy around, to take what is an area with tremendous resources and huge potential and to make it the superb business location that it could be.

And what does this mean to us? Firstly, we’ve got to persuade the skilled workers and managers who have moved away to think about returning; and secondly, that we need to do everything we can to make Brandenburg an attractive location for international business talent.

the time is ripe for people to start looking to what lies beyond

And that shouldn’t be too hard a thing to do. Berlin has become a magnet for the cream of the young business talent pool, with its new ‘Silicon Allee’ nickname in tribute to the fact that it is now one of the hottest places for western forward-thinking entrepeneurs to develop their ideas and to create new start-ups.

But Berlin is becoming somewhat overcrowded, and the time is ripe for people to start looking to what lies beyond: Brandenburg.

With its great natural beauty and human as well as natural resources, there’s every reason why Brandenburg could and should become the place that young and dynamic international business people choose as the place where they can make their mark.

This means that one of the main tasks that we have in front of us is to make Brandenburg more attractive. That starts, of course, with the improvement of English language skills, but it also means that we should start thinking about being more open to and welcoming of other cultures. Which is what we’ll be talking about next week!

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