The Importance of Small Talk

The importance of being able to easily and comfortably engage in small talk cannot be underestimated. And in today’s increasingly international business climate, you all too often have to do just that in the English language. Whether you’re talking to native speakers from the UK or US, or with people from Asia, Eastern Europe or further afield – all too often, the common language is English.

“All too often, the common language is English.”

And in some situations there’s no two ways about it, small talk is simply necessary. You want to get new clients? You have to develop a rapport with them – how? Through relaxed conversation. You want to get noticed in at a social event? Be the one telling the jokes, charming the other people in your group! Want to make an impression on your boss? Let him remember you for knowing people’s names and making everyone feel at ease. Want to ask someone out on a date? Best way is that they feel comfortable in your presence, and that they notice that you’re interested in what they have to say – and have something to say yourself!

“And that’s why we’re here!”

Let’s face it, as much as many of us would wish it to be so, the fact is that you can’t be successful in life without being able to ‘do’ small talk. And that’s why we’re here. To help.

Please also feel free to visit our sister site for tips and tricks on how to feel at ease in every  English-speaking social situation!

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