Talking About The Weather

It’s a cliche, sure, but you know how cliches get to be cliches…I’m talking about the weather. In fact I’m talking about talking about the weather. Two people who don’t know each other well stand in front of each other, one makes a comment on how sunny/rainy/cold/wet/dry it’s been and they’re off. There’s more to[…]

The Importance of Small Talk

The importance of being able to easily and comfortably engage in small talk cannot be underestimated. And in today’s increasingly international business climate, you all too often have to do just that in the English language. Whether you’re talking to native speakers from the UK or US, or with people from Asia, Eastern Europe or[…]

Introducing the fastest, easiest and most fun way to learn English.

Welcome to Business English Brandenburg, where our motto is modern, focussed, effective. We use up-to-the-minute techniques, apps, digital learning possibilities, brand new approaches to memorising and much more – we’re always innovating, we’re never boring. With Business English Brandenburg you’ll learn to communicate easily in any social situation, with our emphasis on Business English and[…]